Tuesday 29 April 2014

Lots of new work !

Life has been rather eventful since I last posted -

Just after christmas my long serving SC2 kiln died, but the wonderful Kilncare sorted me out with a lovely new GREY Maxi kiln... and a loaner beadcube whilst it was being built !! Arent they wonderful people !!

The Lark Books "1000 Beads" book arrived, I feel very privileged to have 3 pieces included in such a lovely book with some very beautiful work, and its a real put your feet up with a cup of tea and have a good browse through book - in fact I have done several times and each time find something new to "Ooooo" at.

A few days before the Flame Off my oxycon decided it too was giving up, but with a lot of help from lovely people online I got a new one delivered and got back to work.

The Flame Off a couple of weeks back was great, it was lovely to chat to the people who came to my stall, meet old friends and make new ones.

Flame off Stand

Some of the beads !

As you might be able to see from the Flame Off pic I have been working hard on my lidded boxes, some new designs with lampworked decoration fused to the lids of the boxes.

Ive also been making lots of new designs of beads, some you can see in the picture from the Flame Off, mainly inspired by blossom as our new garden is full of it. First there was Blackthorn blossom, then the plums - Cherry Plums and Damsons, and now the Apples have started with everything from a soft white to a bright fuchsia pink crab apple and all sorts in between. It is stunning and really makes you feel the joy of spring !

From Left, Sloe, Apple and Crab Apple blossoms

One of the new blossom beads.

Then after the Flame Off we had a weekend in Budapest for a much needed break !!

So its been all go, I am hoping to blog more regularly now but if you are missing me dont forget you can also see me on Facebook.

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