Friday, 28 May 2010

Where does the time go .....

Its been so long since I blogged last and yet it seems like not long at all. Things have been busy here, with lots of different things going on to keep me occupied.

We have been working on our garden. I love gardening (does that make me strange ? ) and we finally decided it was about time we tried to do something with our garden which upto now was not that different from when the builders finished the house 4 years ago. So I have been busily painting planters and planting flowers ("aided" by the skitties) while Himself has been hauling litres and litres of compost about and building raised beds. We bought a gorgeous Clematis for one of the planters, and yes I did contemplate whether I could make a glass one (ha. not likely !! )

I have also finally got around to having a go with one of the techniques we did on Claudia Trimbur-Pagel's course - painting gold onto beads. So far I have just done a couple of tests but I do quite like this one, it has been gold fumed before being painted so it has a lovely shine / lustre to it and Im hoping to make a few more, as well as developing the technique to combine it with the transfers ...

Thats all for now folks, but I hope to be back somewhat sooner this time !!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Daisy, Daisy....

I have been busy with a commission and thought I would share the photos !! So, very simply, these rods -

Were pulled into stringers -

Stringers pulled into petals -

and the petals attached to a yellow glass centre ..and ... ta dah...
Daisies -

These little sweeties are heading off to be parts in a much bigger glass piece by glassblower Layne Rowe. I hope to be able to share a photo of the finished thing with you very soon !