Sunday, 27 June 2010

You Could Be My Lucky Star

Its all busy busy busy here I'm in preparation for Art in Action where I will be in the glass tent demonstrating on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th July. I have been expanding the Sari beads, venturing into Star shapes as well as hearts and im quite pleased with how they are coming on. Just need to make many more of them now !!

If you are paying a visit to Art in Action do pop by and say hello it would be lovely to see some familiar faces as well as meeting new ones.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Ok, a little off topic but I hope you will forgive me...there will be lots of lovely pictures ..

We have been doing quite a bit of work on the garden recently both of us love tropical gardens and have been saying we should do something with our own for a long time (most of the 4 years we have lived here !!). So we made a plan ..and by this I mean more of a quick chat than a beautifully sketched and detailed garden design, and started work, much helped by my mum when she came to visit for the weekend. So slowly over the past few weeks it has started to come together and after much plant sorting and much faffing about over what was going where, we have the first couple of areas complete. Im not going to show you pictures of the garden itself but I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of some of the plants...Im finding im building up rather a collection as most mornings when I go out there is something I *need* to take a photo of !!

Not a flower but a cheeky little madam who just as I was focusing on something decided to up and see what was going on -

There are more photos on my Flickr here

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

London Jewellery Week at London Glassblowing

**Exciting news** London Glassblowing's Glass Art Gallery are having a mini exhibition of glass jewellery to coincide with London Jewellery Week next week, 7th - 13th June and I am having work on show ! So I am busily getting work ready to go and thought I would share some of the pieces I have so far.

Im feeling all summery at the moment what with the lovely sunshine and having been doing lots on our garden recently and I can see that its giving a real summery feel to my work, lots of perfect pieces for summer events and weddings or even lazy summer picniks.

As well as some new work there are some updates on some old favorites, you know I cant resist some silvered ivory now and again, and these beachy nuggests I really love -

There are a number of talented jewellers working with glass who's work will be on display, so please if you get chance do pop over to the gallery and have a look.