Monday, 23 February 2009

I think Etsy must know its my birthday....

I got a Treasury !! My first ever, so in honour of it being my birthday and having lots of lovely grey pressies (well it is my favorite colour !!) I decided to have a grey theme and share some of my favorite grey things !! I had such a lot of fun putting it together and hope you like my choices too !

As I have already mentioned, I had a gorgeously grey birthday, I will try and see if Himself will take a picture of me in some of my new finery so I can share with you !


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

More Exciting News

In fact, this is very very exciting news !! I am going to be the guest artist at London Glassblowing's Spring Open Weekend !! I am soo over excited about this Im practically dancing around the kitchen lol ! The open weekend runs over 3 days and I will be there each day, doing lampwork demos !! I will also have a selection of my jewellery for sale.

If you can get to London over that weekend do come and say Hi, there will be glassblowing demos running in the studio as well as my lampworking demos, and whether you have seen it before or not glassblowing is amazing to watch, particularly given the skill of the team at London Glassblowing who make it all look so easy !!

Hope to see you there !!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Ag goes live

Im delighted to announce the launch of a new part of Chameleon Designs

Ag will be the outlet for all my sterling silver jewellery. A treasure trove of textures and patterns pieces vary from simple nature inspired pieces to lush and flamboyant statements including the new pieces below incorporating my damask pattern with some gorgeous gemstones.

Im looking forward to expanding the range and have lots of ideas for new pieces, but dont worry there will still be plenty of glass :o)

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

New Beads Midweek !

Yes, its true, there are new beads online now ! As I am still having to be home quite a lot with this labyrinthitis at the moment I have new beads so I decided to put them online tonight rather than waiting for the weekend ! 

There are some new glimmer focal beads including these-

and there are a couple of new sets too, I am really happy with the faded bead in the tropical seas set, it has some gorgeous colours in it from where I have blended the colours, i think i might have to have a go at a whole set of blended ones, what do you think ??

Monday, 9 February 2009


Everywhere I look at the moment I see cupcakes ! Other than the fact it does nothing for my ability to diet, I am not complaining at all because they are sooo cute !! And lets face it they bring a smile to your face which given the miserable weather at the moment has to be a good thing. So I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

First off are these adorable little glass cupcake beads by Laura, arent they gorgeous ?

Next up are these little "Jewellery Pincushion Cupcakes" by Naive, a very fun and yummy way to keep your jewellery tidy

And last but certainly not least, some super cute soap cupcakes from Cozy Moments,

Thats it for now, cupcakeyness over, apologies to all who now feel the need to rush out to the bakers !! Normal glassy service will resume shortly !


Sunday, 8 February 2009

Must stop using grey...

I *LOVE* grey. Really. It is one of my most favorite colours. The problem is when I work in grey I end up wanting to keep everything.
One of my most recent favorites is this, a shimmery, glimmery tube bead. It has a dichro core which gives it a blingy sparkle, but I have etched the glass to give it a matt finish, so you do get the shimmer where it catches the light but much sudued and it is lovely.

These two are the etched and un-etched versions of the same bead. I love both of them but having seen them side by side now, I *think* I like the etched best. I think. It certainly is easier to see the decoration but the un-etched version has a different charm too, a "glassyness" (is that a word ?)

Lastly, I made a bracelet recently too, it was one of those that came about from seeing things next to each other on my less-than-tidy desk, producing one of those ooooo moments. Yep, its grey....

and it has another of my favorite things, encased silvered ivory glass, which produces this gorgeous organic look

Are you all greyed out yet ? Nope ? Me neither but I really do think I will have to stop using grey soon or I wont have any beads I can sell ! lol :o)

What is your favorite colour ? are there colours that just "talk to you" and you have to have ??

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Opposite Pendants

I thought that today I would share a couple of things I have been working on. I seem to be having a bit of a pendant theme at the moment. This started because I had a few pillow bead experiments I wanted to do something with, so I started to have a play about and just see how they looked when I put them with other elements.

This one is such a sunny colour and it was great to work with in the current snowy atmosphere really warm and bright so I just teamed it with a large hammered silver ring.

This one is kind of the opposite its grey and frosty just like the world outside the window, and I am so pleased with how it turned out, the core has dichroic glass so it has a lovely shimmeryness to it through the etching, so this one got a simple ceramic bead accompaniment.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowed In

We are surrounded by the white powdery stuff, looks like a picture postcard or the inside of a snowglobe round here at the moment !! I went out in the back garden to fetch the shovel this morning (Himself had the idea he was going to be able to dig his car out and go to work, this turned out to be quite incorrect) and the snow was upto my knees !!!!

One of the kitties went out and it was hilarious to watch him, leaping about in huge bounds looking like nothing as much as a huge furry ping pong ball :)) He will play in the snow too if you go out with him, he chases snowballs and goofs about, but currently he is just snoozing

We did clear all the bird feeders this morning, deciding if the birds needed them anytime it was now and we have had lots of visitors since, this little fella is so cute, all fluffed up I just had to take a picture

I hope you are enjoying the snow or at least that it isnt causing you too many problems !