Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Soup ingredients

The soup I sent to Jana has arrived so I can share pictures of what I sent her and what I received.

Jana sent me -
A zingy bright green Jasper focal, Jasper, Jade, Pearl and Mother of Pearl coordinating beads, a sterling clasp and lots of silver plate findings and two cute little swarovski butterflies ! Im really looking forward to getting started on making with these !

I sent Jana -
Flat square wooden beads, freshwater pearls, swarovski crystals, lampwork twist beads and spacers, a vintaj clasp, and a choice of things to use as a focal  - a vintage button, a lampwork cabochon and a lampwork focal bead. Cant wait to see what she makes :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Road Less Travelled

Very exciting news this morning, following a series of chats with the lovely Kirsten Miller (who incidentally makes the most adorable miniature creatures from Polymer Clay, do take a look at her website) I have been featured this morning on UK Handmade's "INSPIRE: The Road Less Travelled" spot.

For anyone who hasn't come across it yet, UK Handmade is a fantastic website full of useful and informative articles from profiles on types of crafts and makers, helpful business articles looking at marketing, accounts and legal aspects to a lifestyle section with tutorials, recipes and reviews. All this plus the beautiful UK Handmade online magazine which is published quarterly and a great forum !

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Time for some soup

Yes its that time again, Lori Anderson is running another Bead Soup Blog Party !

I loved being involved with this last time so I couldn't wait to sign up again, and this time I have been partnered with the very talented Jana Tarhala of Helmitarha, as soon as I found out I rushed over to have a look at her work (of course) which is absolutely stunning, seed beading always amazes me, so much patience needed but such beautiful intricate designs.

I cant share a picture of exactly what I have sent Jana (that would spoil the surprise !) but I can show a teaser so here goes.

As a bit of fun, the first person to guess correctly what one of the ingredients are I will send a little surprise to. (You need to be specific though, just saying beads isnt going to cut it, oh-no. Material and colour please :) )

Monday, 8 August 2011

Working it out

Do you ever get that feeling, you know you have an idea, but its hiding from you, and you cant quite get it out of your head and into life ?

I have been having that itchy feeling for a little while and so I thought I would share how I have been working it out.

I wanted to "draw" flowers on my beads. but not just any old flowers, special flowers. With details. And fine stringers (because we know I have a fine stringer addiction right ?).

So, I started doodling in glass.

The first one I did is at the bottom, working through to the top one. Grotty arent they !! 

They were intended as quick "sketches" in glass, checking how things look, how the glass behaves, how much it moves / distorts as you layer up the details, practising skills that will be needed to make this work. Althogh for quick sketches some of them took rather a lot of time to do !

By the time I got to that top one I was getting grumpy. I could see in my mind clearer now what I was wanting to achieve but it just didnt seem to be working in the glass. And then the brainwave hit.

I sat down with a piece of paper and drew what I wanted. Then I drew it again. and again. Messing with spacing, numbers of elements, fiddling around until, on paper, it looked how I wanted. 

From a design point of view, this is called doing things back to front !!! But for me, I needed that technical information and feedback from working with the glass to get my idea out in the first place. The drawing allowed me to refine the details of that idea much quicker than I could have in glass. 

And this is one of my new flowers on a cabochon

Im looking forward to making many more and seeing where the idea takes me !