Wednesday, 25 March 2009

2 sleeps to go...

ep, its only 2 sleeps until I am at London Glassblowing !!! I have been busy busy busy getting everything ready and sorting out final bits this evening as the lovely Himself is taking everything over there for me tomorrow in his car so that I don't have to battle with lots of stuff on the train (I'm afraid I am a total wuss and don't drive in London. Ever.) 

I thought I would share some of the things that I am taking....

First off is a combined picture, I used one of my favorite pieces for one of the images for my lovely new business cards, I am really pleased with them, they came from Moo and for those who haven't discovered it yet they let you upload lots of images, (so an end to boring business cards lol ) I couldn't resist taking  a picture of the piece with its matching card - 

I have also remade  an old favorite of mine, with a few slight changes ! I love the beads on this, It is a while since I have made any sampler sets up and they work perfectly for this design so I got out a couple of colours that seem to be crying out to go together (and oh isnt CiM Crocus - the purple colour for the non lampworkers out there ;o)  -  gorgeous) and I im really pleased with the updated piece, its quite girlie for me, but its really fresh and bright ! 

I am also taking some things that, shock horror, I have not photographed yet !! I will try to make sure I get photos when I have everything set up to share with you... and if you do come to visit while I am at London Glassblowing do say Hi and  introduce yourself  ;o)

Saturday, 21 March 2009

A new technique

Apologies for things being a bit quiet around here recently ! I have had a couple of hand in's at uni and I am busy working on things to take to London Glassblowing at the weekend. (If you are in London, Friday, Saturday or Sunday it would be fantastic to see you there)

I thought I would share with you something I have been working on, you all know I love my patterns, and have been enjoying patterning Silver with alsorts of designs, well I have been wanting to try getting some of the same patterns into my beads....

Ta dah... Look familiar ?? yep its the same damask pattern that I used on some of my jewellery like the piece below. I am really pleased that the pattern has come out so clear and I am looking forward to spending some time exploring this technique more.


The technique makes use of ceramic transfers and I think it has lots of potential, you just need to be able to make a digital file of the design you want to use so the possibilities are endless you can use your own sketches, digital designs, anything. Look out for more designs from me using this technique soon.  

Monday, 2 March 2009


I thought that today I would share what i have been upto recently, which is playing with my enamels. I havent had a good play with my enamels for ...hmm.. quite a long time !! Sooo I thought that I would also show you a picture of one of my very early attempts with enamels waaaay back in 2006 !!

These are they, my 2006 "midnight lentils"-

and my recent enamels set, Sea Foam Bubble Flowers -

and in close up -

Yep, I am still on the bubble flowers :) so what do you think of the enamels with the bubble flowers ? I really like the effect and have been busily making focals in this style too, but i wont put pictures of all of them here you know where to find them :o)