Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New Press

Yes, I have a new press ... guess what shape lol -

yep its a focal lentil ! I have been enjoying making bubble flower beads in a different shape, Im still addicted to them :-) This is one of my favorites

What is your favorite shape for focals ?

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Celebrations for me at Celebrating Beads

Woo Hoo, I came 3rd in the lampwork category of Washington Bead Museums international competition "Celebrating Beads", for my bead "Iontaise" (Fossil). You can imagine how thrilled I am, I have been doing a little dance round the house lol :o)

"Iontaise" -

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunny Sunday

What a gorgeous weekend it has been ! So sunny and warm, its lovely. I have some new variations on my bubble flowers, im still really enjoying making these and I think I will have a go at some in different shapes too :))

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Autumn found me

I have been snook-up-apon this week ... by Autumn !! The trees out the back of my house are all still green but on my way to uni I go along a very pretty road (the hogs back between Guildford and Farnham for those of you who are local) and the trees are all turning colours, so there are lots of ambers and it all looks warm and lovely (very deceptive of it !!) so I have some Autumn beads

Oh and did I mention ... I am back into hollows again too ! lol, a sure sign I have been stressed, I love making hollows because I work very slowly to make them so I find them very theraputic. As well as those above I have a set with a hollow and a bubble flower focal -

As usual I would love to know what you think

Sunday, 14 September 2008

I thought I would share a picture of some commissioned beads I made this week, these are one of my favorite types of bead as they are so very "glassy", Ok I know all my beads are made of glass but these show off the qualities of glass so well, the ultra glossy shine, the transparency and depth and ... ok ok I wont go one for hours :-)

Friday, 12 September 2008

It is sunny in Surrey !!!

Yes really ! The sun is out :o) and what's more it was shining on my windowsill right onto these beads and it made them look so yummy I had to take a picture so I thought I would share !!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Ok I decided I want to do a regular feature on here about the very talented Jewellery Artists and Designers who work with my beads. One of the things I find fascinating about being a lampworker is the amazing and totally varied creations that people come up with using my beads.

So this is going to be the first of these features and I am very pleased to say todays feature is on Jo Tubb of Gem Heaven. I am a big fan of Jo's work and am constantly amazed at the stunning creations she makes that include my beads.

I asked Jo what first got her into designing and making jewellery "A broken necklace" She said, "which as yet is still unmended - I was led down a path I just can't turn back from - once I started creating I just couldn't stop and from a hobby, my passion quickly became a business - one I thoroughly enjoy!!"

When I asked if she had any favorite things to use in her designs she said " Well I expect my customers will problem say anything in the colour blue - although I do use other colours!! Lampwork and gemstones are my favourites - and no real preferences as anything that attracts my eye I tend to be drawn to! Recenlty I starting working more and more with wire and I love the journey it is taking me on!!"

Having vistied Cornwall I can totally understand what Jo means when she says she is inspired by living there, she describes it as "quite a magical place" and says she is lucky enough to "live on the coast (south) and only have to drive 16 miles to reach the north coast, also close by is the moors so I haven't far to go before inspiration strikes! "

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, and many thanks to Jo for allowing me to use her photos and answering my questions :))
You can find Jo's creations at Gem Heaven and wire boutique , and also keep up with her goings on on her blog

Friday, 5 September 2008

been focal obsessed !!

I have been busy busy busy... making focal beads ! I have made quite a few that i am really pleased with, desperatley making the most of my mojo while I have it and the time to make stuff - I'm back to uni on monday ! I only managed to get photos of a couple of them before the weather started so here they are, what do you think ?

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

On the top of the world...

I have had a good bead day !! Im so happy with the way my beads have gone today, I have managed to do a boro technique I saw in a book when I first started with boro but have kept messing up and today it worked :o)) added to that another set that looked so yummy when it went in the kiln that I might have to keep it...now just have to hope the kiln fairies are nice to me !!

Pictured below is the set I have just mastered the twisting for, those of you who know my work know that I love twists and twirls in glass and Im so pleased to finally be able to do it in boro -

Monday, 1 September 2008

Hello and Welcome !

I have decided its time to have a Chameleon Designs blog. I thought I would start off with some pictures of some of my recent beads, I would love to hear what you think.