Sunday, 7 September 2008

Ok I decided I want to do a regular feature on here about the very talented Jewellery Artists and Designers who work with my beads. One of the things I find fascinating about being a lampworker is the amazing and totally varied creations that people come up with using my beads.

So this is going to be the first of these features and I am very pleased to say todays feature is on Jo Tubb of Gem Heaven. I am a big fan of Jo's work and am constantly amazed at the stunning creations she makes that include my beads.

I asked Jo what first got her into designing and making jewellery "A broken necklace" She said, "which as yet is still unmended - I was led down a path I just can't turn back from - once I started creating I just couldn't stop and from a hobby, my passion quickly became a business - one I thoroughly enjoy!!"

When I asked if she had any favorite things to use in her designs she said " Well I expect my customers will problem say anything in the colour blue - although I do use other colours!! Lampwork and gemstones are my favourites - and no real preferences as anything that attracts my eye I tend to be drawn to! Recenlty I starting working more and more with wire and I love the journey it is taking me on!!"

Having vistied Cornwall I can totally understand what Jo means when she says she is inspired by living there, she describes it as "quite a magical place" and says she is lucky enough to "live on the coast (south) and only have to drive 16 miles to reach the north coast, also close by is the moors so I haven't far to go before inspiration strikes! "

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, and many thanks to Jo for allowing me to use her photos and answering my questions :))
You can find Jo's creations at Gem Heaven and wire boutique , and also keep up with her goings on on her blog

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