Tuesday, 7 July 2009


I had to share this as Im finding it all very exciting, even if I did have to take a photo and enlarge it a lot to actually *see* what it says lol !!

Its my first batch of hallmarked silver !! WOO HOO !

These are bangles, soon to be headed for my website, and the hallmark from left to right is my sponsor's mark - my initials RJF, the traditional fineness mark - the lion for Sterling Silver, the metal fineness and purity mark - the 925 as Sterling is 925 parts in 1000 silver, the assay office mark - The lions head for London Assay Office, and the year mark which in this case is the K.

If you would like to know more about Hallmarking Assay Office London has a great website with lots of info and also the British Hallmarking Council website.

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joanne said...

Congratulations there nothing like recieving your first piece of hallmarked jewellery back from the assay office.