Saturday, 5 March 2011

World Book Night

What a lucky girl am I ! You may have been hearing about World Book Day recently, or if you have been watching the TV this evening you may have come across World Book Night, an exciting and ambitious project to give away one million books.

Well I am very excited to say I am going to be getting one of those books, I will have a copy of Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and with huge thanks to the lovely Mary Kent of Nemea Designs who is one of the people who was selected to be a "giver" and distribute copies of the book of her choice from those in the project.

Part of my excitement (other than new reading material to feed my book-worm habit) for this is that the books all have a unique identifying number on them, so that once I have read my copy I can pass it on to someone else to read who can log on the website that they have read it and then we can follow the journey of the book !! I think that is soooo cool. Once I have my book and have read and logged it I will share the number so you can follow it too.

If you want to get involved with this project then you can find all the info via the links above or register for World Book Night 2012 here.

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Mary said...

Oh, thank you for blogging about this Becky. It's so exciting to see my babies (the books) go out to the world. I can say yesterday was one of the best days of my life!

I think registration has started for next year's event (better check. I encourage you all to join in. It was a life affirming