Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Happy 2014

I hope the New Year is treating you well so far ? I cant believe how fast time is flying, half way through January already !

I have been busy, following a bit more clearing of boxes (and a bit of bodging together ) I have my torch set up !! Woo Hoo !! As you can understand Im very happy, its only a temporary home but it means I could torch :) …once I finished unpacking all the glass

An what have I been upto on my torch since this excitement occurred I hear you ask ? Well, I have had a couple of commissions to do but I have been working on inclusions for some new work - Lidded boxes. Or boxes with lids. However you want to describe them (I cant decide) they are dinky little creatures, about 3 1/2" ( 9cm for those that prefer it) across, with a soft curved bowl on the inside to put your treasures in and a little lid. The lids have been my current source of fascination or more specifically making inclusions to put in them. It has taken quite a lot of experimenting to get it to work quite how I wanted but ….drum roll…. my I present to you my first little box, with a cherry blossom lid -

and for the curious, another view showing the inside -

In other news the skitties have settled in pretty well now. Her Spottyness, ever the heat seeking kitty, is completely in love with the fire (cant say I blame her, its amazing, I have never lived somewhere with a real fire before and I love it) and is usually to be found stretched out in front of it basking. She has had a good look at the fish in the pond, but so far has only had a couple of half hearted attempts at getting them. 

Lily, following the arrival of a special new Lily chair, spends lots of time snoozing with occasional dainty forays out into the cold. She has been for a good wander around the garden, checked out the wendy house (and you know she can see potential for that come summer !!) and had a good nosey at the chickens next door. 

The Pickle boy has had a good mooch about, not over fussed on the great outdoors, its awful cold and wet, had a couple of nights out with the feral cats over the road (and possibly a bad mouse vindaloo…. yes, nuff said.) but is generally content to snooze on our bed or lounge around wherever the humans are. 

Anyway on that note I will leave you as there are kilns to empty and dinner to make..

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