Saturday, 4 April 2009

I am still here ...

Hello :o)

I am Becky. I am a lampworker... just thought i'd better remind you as its been a while lol, and no I havent fallen off the face of the planet !! Im sorry its a bit sporadic posting at the moment things are a wee bit hectic in Beckyland just at the moment, Ive had a sort of mini surge of "must do" things for uni (too few weeks to go before the end of term / my degree. far too few) this week which is why I havent been on to tell all about last weekend !! So I shall put that right now ...

I had a great weekend, it was lovely to see those of you that made it over the weekend, both old friends and new. I had a few lampworking visitors, the very lovely Sarah bought me some Lindemans peach beer, (something we got rather partial to whilst in Belgium at Glassworks ) Jolene and Juliet both came to visit and we managed to have a quick lunch, and Glen popped in to say "Hi" on his lunch break !! So thank you all for coming along, it was lovely to see you :o) There was no shortage of non lampworkers about either, and it was fantastic to have the chance to talk to so many people who were so enthusiastic about glass (and possibly even persuade a couple of people into taking the plunge into making ) and Im hoping my demo's were interesting, I enjoyed doing them and explaining what was happening once I got over my initial nerves !! 

So for those that couldnt make it, a couple of pictures, the first is how my jewellery looked, although I have to confess this is not the best photo as it was taken just before I packed up on the sunday, can you believe it, i forgot my camera on the friday ?!? 

and this next one is of the torch area, the little kiln is mine but the torch belongs to one of the team based at London Glassblowing, it is a Nortel Midrange with a minor on top for those that are interested, and it was lovely to work with, partly because I am used to working with an oxycon, and they had a tank set up (as you can see in the picture) and partly because I could play with the different flames :o)

you can also spy my Moo business cards lay out on the table in front of the kiln, they were a great success and I even got asked who my photographer was so I was really pleased about that (for anyone who doesnt know, I take my own pictures as I have a bit of a "thing" for photography) !

I have been back at the torch today, so I hope to have some beads to share with you tomorrow, and hopefully I might be able to blog a bit more frequently from now on !

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