Monday, 3 August 2009

Indian Summer

Im back from my little break which was fab, it was so nice to do absolutely nothing and that is what we did, just lounged about read books and had lots of peach juice and peach tea which are my favorite summer time drinks.

I have been busy since I got back making lots of beads inspired by my Indian Summer necklace (Pictured above) which is in issue 5 of Making Jewellery Magazine as a 6 step project. I had lots of fun designing and making the necklace which was inspired by thoughts of marrakech, filigree lamps and sumptuous silks. I also totally fell for the vintaj brass findings they were perfect for what I wanted and I am looking forward to making more pieces with them, if you want some for yourself then Josephine has them on her site, and if you want to do your own version of the necklace do take a wonder over to Chameleon Desings where you will find the sets of indian summer beads.

These have been great fun to make, I dont usually make sculptural beads so these twisty beads are a change for me but I love the feel of them and I can see me making more designs in this shape. The 24ct gold leaf is ..."challenging" to work with, it is a bit prone to flirking around my workbench if there is a puff of wind so I get to play catch every now and then, usually mid bead !! All the gold has been encased in glass so there is no danger of it rubbing away with wear and combined with the summery colours I am really pleased with these, I might even have to make something for myself with (and DONT laugh) the pink ones (Did I really just say that ?) I know, I know I am normally the most Anti Pink person but there is something about these that I really like... Maybe I need to go for a lie down :o)


Saffie said...

Beautiful beads Becky. I was about to try some beads like this after making necklaces with similar shape beads for readers challenge for B&B I love the shape!

Becky said...

Thank you :o) I cant wait to see what you come up with ! I love the shape its really tactile and lots of fun to make too :o)

Mary said...

These are stunning! Go for the pink I dare you! I keep saying I'm not a pink person but a look in my wardrobe says otherwise.

Now pink and turquoise....mmmmm!

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