Monday, 12 October 2009

Charmed Im sure

I have something new to share with you today, good job really after I have been away for sooo long !! I am very excited about these though, I have been busy making charms ! These are suitable to go on the european bracelet systems such as Pandora and Trollbeads and are lovely little dangles style charms.

These are dream cloud, wish upon a star, and one of two options of finger print charm. The Dream Cloud charm is show below has sparkly aqua colour that is, well, dreamy. It has DREAM written in the silver which shows through the transparent sparkly colour.

Wish upon a Star is my favorite, Im really pleased with it and will be keeping this first one for myself ! This one has a pale blue sparkly colour through which you can see the "wish" that I wrote in the silver.

The finger print charms I was a little conflicted about as there are quite a lot of finger print things available and I wanted something different. So I went with the finger print as a pattern in the piece rather than as an obvious finger-print-pushed-into-the-piece and I thought it could use a little colour so I added a little sparkle colour in purple. I did a simple uncoloured option too as I know some people love silver pure and simple !

I will be able to do these in your choice of colour, from the sparkle colours shown or from a huge variety of non sparkly colours.

These are the first ones, I have some more designs I am even more excited about but I need to keep those under my hat for a few days yet so look out for another post about those soon !!

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n4princessbead said...

They are really so lovely! Well done!