Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Ear Bobs are Back

Technically, they did not actually go away I just havent had very many of them recently ! I have expanded the selection of designs and I have decided to put all the ready made Bobs onto Etsy (see the link on the right). I will still be doing made to order bobs via my website and if you dont have an Etsy account or would rather buy the ready mades through my Chameleon Designs website just shout and I will list them there for you.

I have 2 new styles of Bobs for you, "Sparkle" ear bobs, taken from my galactic beads are shimmery sparkly little babies that are just so, well, pretty. They are great for dressing up without the weight of long earrings (especially good if it is going to be a long night out and, like me, your ears start to protest after a few hours) but they are subtle enough to be great everyday earrings too. Can you tell I love mine and have been wearing them all week ? In the name of product testing of course !

The second new style are "Dazzle" ear bobs made with encased palladium leaf to give a little razzle dazzle but without being mega blingy. Both styles are available in a variety of colours.

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