Thursday, 26 November 2009

London Glassblowing Opening and Christmas Event

Tomorrow is THE BIG DAY. The new London Glassblowing Workshop and Glass Art Gallery are finally opening to the public. There has been a huge amount of work gone into the move to the new premises and it looks great, and there is now a shop frontage for the gallery with a huge glass entranceway that not only lets in lots of light but offers passers by tantalising glimpses into the gallery and hot shop !!!

Why I hear you ask are you telling me this ? Well, one because I have been involved in helping with the aforementioned huge amount of work which is why you haven’t been able to see as much stuff as usual on my website. And two because I have a small selection of my work on display in the gallery, for sale, for the duration of the event !

If you can make it along between 27th November and 6th December, the grand opening is being combined with the annual Christmas open house sale so there are some great bargins to be had with some very attractive prices on the art glass pieces in the sale (not to mention the opportunity to see my pretties in the flesh) and its open daily from 11am to 5pm with late nights next week too (more info on their website) I am not demoing this time but I will be there over the weekend this weekend and Thursday to Saturday next week. I forgot to take my camera with me today so the pictures of my work were from my phone (sorry !!) but I will get some pictures to share with you when I go in on Saturday. I would love to say hi to anyone who can make it so if you can come along do please come and introduce yourself !!

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Kebo Jewellery said...

Good luck Becky, hope you get tons of interest and make lots of sales!!