Thursday, 4 February 2010

Heavenly Scent 2010

A very late night post from me so I'll keep it quick.

We just got home from the private view of Heavenly Scent 2010 at London Glassblowing. I have two perfume bottles in the exhibition, both wearable ones and I wanted to share pictures with you, there were "a number" of attempts before I had ones I was pleased with but Im happy with these. I did take some photos of the other artists work in the exhibition which i'll share soon ...once I have had some sleep !!!

Raspberry Scent Bottle

Aqua Scent Bottle

Both bottles are blown off the end of a blowpipe mandrel and have correctly sealing stopper so they can be used for perfume !


SteamPunkGlass said...

They are fabulous!!!

hello gorgeous said...

oooo, how CUTE are these! ;o)

can't wait to see more!


hello gorgeous xxx

Rustyhammer said...

Beautiful! These are amazing.

Mel P said...

These are stunning, you are sooooo clever xxx

Becky said...

thanks everyone so much for the comments !