Saturday, 6 February 2010

Lampwork in Heavenly Scent

I decided not to put all the photos that I took on here as that would go on for pages !! However I thought I would share the pictures of the lampwork elements of the show.

As well as my mini scent bottles in my last post, I have contributed towards another piece in the show, I made the daisy for Layne Rowe's stunning blown and cut glass hand grenade.

And from other artists, there are two gorgeous lampworked bottles by Diana East -

and -

as well as some fabulous bottles from James Maskrey which combine blown glass and lampworked elements

details from the stoppers -

I hope you enjoyed looking at those, I will post a link to the photo album of all the pieces once it is online


All About Fired Silver: said...

that daisy is fabulous! love it. I have to say, i prefer your bottles to the others!!

Mary said...

I thought exactly the same!

Becky said...

Thank you ladies ! I have to say that in the flesh (so to speak) Di's bottle are absolutely stunning and my photos really dont do them justice, Im going to beg less than ideal photography conditions !!