Monday, 19 July 2010

Art in Action

.....and relax.

Yep shows over, a slightly frantic whirlwind few days between setting up last wednesday and then everything packing up last night. Having visited Art in Action before to watch the demonstrators and look round it was quite odd at first to be on the other side of the action but we settled in ok and as there were two of us (Lou Cloke and I) both on the stand then it did mean over the weekend I got to have a bit of a look round in some of the other tents. We may (cough) have also found the belgian waffles and the home made scones too in our look round ..

One of the highlights of the event for me was getting to meet so many lovely people, not just the members of the public who came to say hello, as well as the customers and friends but my fellow demonstrators too as they were all unfailingly cheerful and friendly. It was great to look round at everyones work so without further ado here are some of the pictures I took

First off a picture of my cabinet with my work in it. I was quite pleased with how this looked but I do have some ideas Im keen to work on for some changes for future events.

Next up is one of Abigail Stradlings gorgeous jewellery pieces, these little treasures are liquid filled with tiny inclusions that all move around, great for someone like me who loves jewellery to fiddle with !

These next two have been engraved by Charlotte Hughes Martin and I think they are just fab

Ema Kelly of Duck in a Bucket had some wonderful quirky pieces but this little caterpillar plant support was my favorite, he's so cute !

I took lots of photos of Emma Cavell's work in progress as she had some very photogenic bowls of broken china and glass about and it was great to watch her assembling them into her work, so a couple of pictures here and I will pop some more on Flickr

Emma working-

and one of her finished pieces -

Neon artist Sarah Blood has something I want LOTS you can see it in the picture below of her working, yes that great big hunk of metal there is a torch, or to be precise it is a ribbon burner ! So it can be opened up to get a flame all along that egde ! Think of the possibilities !! and Sarah was lovely enough to let us look at it and not to complain about me drooling lol !!

And this is one of her pieces, neon antlers !!

Now this artist is someone you will all probably know, Sarah Hornick. I was spoilt for choice taking photos of Sarah's work which was as gorgeous as always and very popular with all the visitors.

I loved what Sarah did with this button to make a necklace -

The image below is one of my favorites of the fabulous fun pieces made by the very lovely Simone Bremner (queen of lemon meringue pie and pavlova making, so watch out for a future post on us going to stalk her !! :o) )

And lastly but far from least these are pictures of Zoe Garner's work. Zoe works with boro and makes some amazing things, including the start of the chain that you can see hanging up !! The bottom picture also shows Zoe's awesome torch a rather huge and fabulous creature from GTT. (Yep, more torch envy !!)

I hope you enjoyed that quick (ish) fly through the glass tent. I do have other news to share too so I will be back again soon.


Kira said...

I didn't get to go to Art In Action so thanks for showing us some lovely images of what you saw. Every year I promise myself that I'll make it up there and every year I don't! Maybe next year.

Custom Logo Design said...

waooo.! all that art work is soo nice...! very interesting.... :)

AmyE said...

Hi Becky, it was nice to see your work in person! (I was the one who mentioned I had seem your work on Flickr!). The whole event was amazing - I will def be going back next year.

eve said...

What a great collection of some wonderful artists, i also love that little caterpillar, he's cute.

Becky said...

Kira and Eve Im glad you enjoyed the photos and thanks for commenting !

Amy it was lovely of you to come and say hello, thank you, and Im glad to hear that you enjoyed the event :o)