Friday, 16 July 2010

Day 2

Well I was full of resolution to blog each day of Art in Action but it didnt quite work out that way. We set up on Wednesday which was busy but also quite fun meeting the other people in the glass tent and I have to say everyone, Art in Action staff, and fellow demonstrators was so helpful and friendly that it was a great start to the event. A huge thank you particularly has to go to Diana East who was amazing and helped so many of us through lots of little (and not so little) panics.

Yesterday was quite busy and despite taking the camera I didnt get chance to get any photos so I hope to make up for that today and Im going to try and get some photos of the other artists that are demoing. Im sure that himself, who has been persuaded into coming along as a helper, will also get some photos of me demoing or of what I make so I will have those to share with you too !

If you are coming along to the even, we are in tent 30, right inside the "door" so do come and say Hi !


Rebecca Crabtree said...

sounds great, i so wish i could've come to visit you!

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