Thursday, 21 October 2010

First Frost

Brrrrrr... Its been freezing here today ! Quite literally ! This morning saw us waking up to the first frost of the year and the end of a number of my plants in the garden which is now looking very sorry for itself ! I spy a weekend filled with gardening, digging plants up to put them safely away for the winter. Did I mention I love gardening ?? (yep, even in the cold !).

I had a visit today from the lovely Kay of West Beach Beads who kindly braved the arctic (ok, slight exaggeration, but the heater really didnt seem to be making much impact on the cold out there) temperatures in my studio and bought some of her gorgeous beads to show me. All the kitties introduced themselves to her (sorry Kay !) and, apart from one mouse, behaved themselves !

I have high hopes of what went into the kiln today and hope to be back tomorrow with pictures and an exciting announcement this space !

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