Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1st December, advent calenders a go...

The countdown to Christmas has begun today, despite my best plans I am so not organised and ready !! I think I am now going to be doing lots of internet shopping of necessity due to the snow, as in true British fashion a little sprinkling and everything has come to a halt.

Its not that we have that much snow, maybe 3" tops, but there are roads closed and few or no trains !! The view from the studio window is rather picturesque though -

The picturesque-ness does not extend to the inside of the studio which is freezing, I have been torching practically sat on my heater ! However it was a productive day and commissions and presents have been worked on. 

We have had a sudden influx of birds visiting cat tv (the bird feeder) so I have also taken some nice photos of them today which Im thinking might make nice Christmas cards if I get my skates on and get them printed, then there might even be time to "embellish" the cards before sending them.

I hope you Christmas preparations are going well ? Are you the organised type or a last minute dasher ?

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