Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year

How is 2011 treating you so far ?

Im thinking the year is off to a very exciting start, my first new beads and cabochons of the year have been made and the cabochons particularly I was really pleased with.

Im full of ideas for lots of new pieces I want to make and raring to get back into the studio. To further add to my excitement the voting has opened for the 2011 Craft and Design Selected Awards and I am included in the makers featured. The website is full of pictures of amazing work from a wide range of makers across a variety of media including Glass, Metal, Wood, Ceramics and Textiles. The winners are chosen from the finalists selected by the public vote, so please if you like my work visit my page and vote for me, and while you are there why not take a minute to look around at some of the other talented artists represented.


Gemheaven said...

bah missed them :'(

Off to vote for you lovely!!

lynsey said...

The cab is beautiful

Pretty Things said...

Gorgeous photos!