Thursday, 26 May 2011

Evolution of a studio

As my studio is now finished bar a few little details I thought it would be fun to share how far it has come from when I first started lampworking.

My very first "studio" was in the corner of our kitchen, with the things I bought at a taster session. I made one very simple (very bad) set of beads on this set up -

The set up was then packed away in order for us to move house. Once we were settled at the new house I took a couple of weekend classes with the very lovely Diana East, whilst I was away on the first one himself was busy in the garage building and I came home to this - 

My kiln arrived shortly after and many happy hours were spent in there. We did decide however that a little more space was needed, so another bench was added to make an L shape -

There was then a jewellers bench added to the right of the picture, and I worked with that set up then until just before Christmas last year. That was when we started the renovations and added more benches to make benches on 4 sides and I had a move about, setting up both my torches on the new bench. Then a couple of weeks ago the builders came and built me a new wall, added a ceiling (the space was double height) and I spent a lot of time with pollyfilla and paint. My torch area now looks like this with the new wall behind the torches - 

My bench is the one on the right and my glass storage sits to my right -

The rest of the studio is still needing a little work but as soon as it is all done I'll take some more pictures.  It is a lovely place to work, very light and Im really looking forward to having it all sorted and indulging my ocd in organising everything !


Hearts of Glass said...

I love it! The drywall gives it a nice bright look (I aspire to that someday in our unfinished basement studio!). And I get a chuckle out of watching for the flower pot. It looks like it's shrinking from photo to photo as your studio grows!

Becky said...

Thank you, Its funny I hadnt noticed that about the plant pot but you are so right it looks like its shrunk !!