Monday, 9 May 2011

Torch withdrawal symptoms

Im starting to get torch withdrawal symptoms, it seems like so long since I have been able to melt some glass. I know in reality it hasn't been that long, it just feels that way.

The reason for lack of torchability ? ... that would be because of the arrival of the builders, or rather the preparing for them, and then sorting out after them, they were actually here only for a fraction of the time I thought it would take and I have spent considerably longer sorting out than they were here for.

Builders ? Im sorry, I shouldnt tease, they have been to do the final bits and bobs on the studio and wow does it look different !! Its taking me a little getting used to at the moment, in part because it is not finished - I still have my bits to do, painting and suchlike, so my tools, the kiln and torches etc are all packed up which makes it look unfamiliar but also because the acoustics in there have changed (new ceiling will do that !!) so it feels kind of odd although Im sure once I have settled everything back into its places it will feel like home again in no time.

There will be lots of pics of the studio and its evolution shortly so for now im going to share something else I have been upto whilst out of torching, more polymer clay, this piece is a pendant, an i think it may be a "keeper" !


skinner studio said...

That pendant is gorgeous! Definately a keeper... wow!

SilverNikNats said...

Wow thats beautiful! I love that you can make beautiful things from alsorts of diffrent mediums!

hello gorgeous said...

ooo, can't wait for the big reveal!!! Loving the new creation, can't say I blame you wanting to keep would I! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Becky said...

Thanks ladies for such lovely comments :o)