Friday, 15 July 2011

Ooo and more oooo's !

Ooo number one, look what my lovely postie bought me today -

Threadfishes from the lovely and very talented Rebecca Watkins aka ArtyBecca, (you can see her work on Flickr, on her Blog and buy it on Etsy). These are so adorable ! I have been stroking them since I unwrapped the packet, they are very tactile and I do love "touchy-feely" things. 

Ooo number two, baking ! Mmm ! Yes I have had a little time out this week, and spent some of it baking. I made shortbread bisquits (with mixed success if Im honest) and I have just made a Banana Loaf, fingers crossed it turns out well, it smells divine ! 

The rest of my time recenty has been taken indulging my current beady obsession.

Im addicted to the bright and summery-ness of these and thoroughly enjoying making them. They make me feel all cheerful and happy, especially when seen in a group like this ! I hope the sun is shining where you are (and if not and you want a sunshiny bead to cheer you up, these are on the website now). 

Have a great weekend ! 


lynsey said...

the fishy beads are beautiful, and your glass beads are awesome

Shaiha said...

OMG! I am so in love with your focals and I know that if there are any left on payday, I will picking one up.

Gold Charm said...

Love the fishes...looks like clay,don't know and care to know what material for it's for a gorgeous look as an end result.

ChatElaine said...

Lovely, love your new focals!