Saturday, 30 July 2011

Things that make me happy.

Thing number 1.
My Moo order arrived this week, happy sigh, I do love it when stuff comes from Moo, the packaging is lovely and its so nice to see designs Ive done on the computer as "real" objects, stickers, business cards etc. And for anyone who has not seen them yet, there are new types of stickers. in different shapes. (Obsessed ? Who me ? Its Stationery, and personalised, of course Im obsessed.)

Thing number 2.
I came across some fantastic little magnetic frames that are the perfect size for Moo's square stickers (which  I happen to have a new pack of....) so.... ta dah...
.....Customised magnets. Did I mention I love custom and personalised things ??

Thing number 3.
The apples on my discovery apple tree are ripe ! I have been watching them like a hawk (or maybe a hungry caterpillar) since I heard on the radio the other day that discovery apples were ripening ultra early this year. I can confirm that they are indeed, and very, very gorgeous do they taste too ! 

Thing number 4.
OCDVPDD. As christened by my very good friend Lizzie, "Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder-Very-Precise-Detailed-Dots". As may have been mentioned previously (cough) I have a tendency to be slightly detail obsessed. So you can imagine the happiness I felt making this ring topper below. Its approximately 18mm diameter and has delicious quantities of fine stringers and dinky dots. Heaven.

What has made you happy this week ? 

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Laura said...

Just got to love Moo!