Tuesday, 28 October 2008

And the Winner is ...

... well there isnt one winner !! Following from a few comments, the de-bump title is staying to describe the overall style of beads however

*drum roll*

I have decided to use some of the names suggested as names for individual collections within the overall style, so, we have multiple winners !!

The pale collection pictured on yesterdays competition post will be "Moon flowers" thank you to SABINE for that suggestion.

The black background collection that I am still working on (see pic below for a taster) will be "Ghost Flowers" which MIZGEORGE gets a bead for as it is inspired by her suggestion.

I also have plans inspired by another of the names suggested so I will be sending another bead out too but what i would like to do is send that person one of the beads inspired by the name suggested so if you will forgive me that will be an announcement for another day !

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