Sunday, 12 October 2008

A very glassy weekend

The weekend has been lovely so far and i have everything crossed it will continue to be today. Himself is being a super lovely man and "putting up" ;o) with an entire weekend of glassy-ness. Yesterday we went to Quenington to the "Out" bit of In/Out. Set in the gardens of Quenington Old Rectory it is gorgeous !! I have total house / garden / library / glass, envy lol (*Oh My* the library !! I so want one just like it)

The house from across the mill race -

If you would like to see more photos I have some loaded up on Flickr . It was a perfect autumn day yesterday, the sun came out and we had a lovely lunch sat out in a pub garden, and even stopped for a cream tea on the way home !

Today we are off to Origin in London so fingers crossed for no issues with tubes, nice weather and not too many crowds !

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