Sunday, 8 February 2009

Must stop using grey...

I *LOVE* grey. Really. It is one of my most favorite colours. The problem is when I work in grey I end up wanting to keep everything.
One of my most recent favorites is this, a shimmery, glimmery tube bead. It has a dichro core which gives it a blingy sparkle, but I have etched the glass to give it a matt finish, so you do get the shimmer where it catches the light but much sudued and it is lovely.

These two are the etched and un-etched versions of the same bead. I love both of them but having seen them side by side now, I *think* I like the etched best. I think. It certainly is easier to see the decoration but the un-etched version has a different charm too, a "glassyness" (is that a word ?)

Lastly, I made a bracelet recently too, it was one of those that came about from seeing things next to each other on my less-than-tidy desk, producing one of those ooooo moments. Yep, its grey....

and it has another of my favorite things, encased silvered ivory glass, which produces this gorgeous organic look

Are you all greyed out yet ? Nope ? Me neither but I really do think I will have to stop using grey soon or I wont have any beads I can sell ! lol :o)

What is your favorite colour ? are there colours that just "talk to you" and you have to have ??


Jenn said...

Must not stop using should become your signature color. It's gorgeous! I love your designs and your grays are outstanding. No wonder you don't want to give them away! Solution: do more...some to keep, some to sell.

BeadyPool said...

Nothing wrong with grey, I like grey a lot :)
Gorgeous beads, I love the dichoric centred ones - nothing like a bit of sparkle.