Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowed In

We are surrounded by the white powdery stuff, looks like a picture postcard or the inside of a snowglobe round here at the moment !! I went out in the back garden to fetch the shovel this morning (Himself had the idea he was going to be able to dig his car out and go to work, this turned out to be quite incorrect) and the snow was upto my knees !!!!

One of the kitties went out and it was hilarious to watch him, leaping about in huge bounds looking like nothing as much as a huge furry ping pong ball :)) He will play in the snow too if you go out with him, he chases snowballs and goofs about, but currently he is just snoozing

We did clear all the bird feeders this morning, deciding if the birds needed them anytime it was now and we have had lots of visitors since, this little fella is so cute, all fluffed up I just had to take a picture

I hope you are enjoying the snow or at least that it isnt causing you too many problems !


Saffie said...

that is a fab shot of a really cute little guy!!!

ChatElaine said...

What a terrific shot, Robins are my favourite visitors to my bird table!! Just reminds you of Christmas, Eh!! :0))