Thursday, 5 August 2010

Lavenders blue dilly dilly...

Ok enough of my singing virtual or otherwise !! The front of our house is currently covered in lavender, and (apart from making me come out in a rash of singing) its very very pretty and smells just divine, especially when its watered. The bees love it, we have gazillions of them buzzing and busying about out there just like this little one I managed to get a picture of -

The lavender is also invading my work ! I had a thought I needed to create some purple beads that were, well, lavender-y so here they are Lavender Rocks.

I frequently find myself creating things inspired by my surroundings, both from wandering around my garden to when I go on holiday, when I then spend lots of time trying to capture everything on the camera ! What do you find inspiring ? Does it have a direct influence on the things you create ??


Copper Diem said...

Those beads are amazing! Love the lines of color!

Mags said...

I like the hues of these beads so much!!
And yes, I find inspiration in nature, in music, in books I read and a great inspiration for me is: movies... The colours for a piece of jewelry may come from a certain scene.

Becky said...

Mags, you have me wracking my brains now to think if I have made any beads inspired by movies ... I dont know I think I may have to ponder that one, although it is the best excuse ever for *needing* to watch some films

Ahhh just thought of one, the recent Alice in wonderland film :o)

And thanks both for your comments on the colours !

Mags said...

Well, Becky ;-D If you go to my blog just now, there on the front page you'll find the latest piece inspired by the movie 'Memoirs of a geisha' (necklace 'Sayuri' and bracelet 'Geiko'). I'm sorry that the text is only finnish this time there :-) Enjoy the picks!