Friday, 24 September 2010

Lace bead

I have had an idea for a bead running around in my head for a while now, I love lace (although I prefer mine not to be the frilly variety!) and lace patterns seem to be calling out to go on a bead. I started out by getting pieces of lace and looking at how they went together and thinking about the type of lace I needed for the qualities I wanted the bead to have - a delicate pattern that would, like lace itself, let you see through it to what is behind just slightly veiling. I drew out numerous designs and had several sets of transfers made up but none have been quite right. I finally got some I was happy with and set about having an initial go at putting it all together as I imagined it to be and this is the result -

I am pretty pleased with this as a first go although there are areas that need work so I think you will be seeing several more of these in the non too distant future !


Mel P said...

Wow I really LOVE this bead, you are dead clever Lady xxx

Annelyse Taylor said...

It's a beautiful bead, Becky!