Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Rocking again

Its been a little while since I made Rocks and so I decided it was time for some, partly because I found a string of orphan rocks in my clearing out, and decided that I really liked the look of the thickly encased one therefore I needed to make some more, so I grabbed some silver glass and set off in search of that lovely mother of pearl shine.
My clearing out is part of the new studio plan ... work has currently come to a halt on the studio from a building point of view but I have been having a BIG sort out / clear out trying to get all bead / glass / metal / jewellery related things from their various locations around the house and outside into the studio. You would be amazed at some of the things I have unearthed !! .. or maybe shocked lol ! It has had the added benefit of me actually listing things in my Etsy shop again as I have decided for the time being to use that as a Sale area for all the bits and bobs I have unearthed.

Torch was poorly yesterday but Im pleased to say is better now (huge thankings to my lovely Himself for fixing it) so Im back off out there to melt some more glass and who knows there may be even more rocks soon !! 


hello gorgeous said...

oooo, I love the rocks too.....but I simply have fallen in love with the rainbow one...WOW!!!!

can't wait to see more..... ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

n4princessbead said...

There must be something in the air - I have been "de-stashing" beads and things too! Or, maybe, it's just because I've moved, I haven't installed my torch yet :( and, generally speaking, without it I've got nothing to do :) x

Meg said...

I love the bracelet plus it is color Blue! so beautiful!!

Becky said...

Thanks everyone :))

Meg, it isnt a bracelet, the beads have just been temporarily strung on a ribbon until they get to their new home :))

Becky said...

Nelli, how long before you can get your torch set up ?? You have my sympathy, I HATE being without mine :(

Rustyhammer said...

Thank you thank you thank you - my amazing blog candy arrived safely today - fab colours, and love the design.

Becky said...

Thanks Sharon, very glad you like it :))