Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A new adventure

I have been fascinated by surface pattern for a long time. Im not sure where the fascination came from but I had a brief brush with Surface Pattern Design at my first uni and have had a nagging itch to get back to it ever since. 

Card by Rachael Taylor, Website, Folksy

So I have decided to have a little adventure and try to teach myself more about designing patterns and hopefully make some exciting patterns of my own along the way. I thought it would be fun to treat it like one of the extended projects we did at college so Im starting at the very beginning, Im doing research. 

"Flora" pattern by Julia Rothman, Website Flickr

Research ? Yes, research. I know I love patterns, but exactly what is it about patterns that I love ? Is it the big bold patterns, lots of colour and simple block shapes ? Or maybe the really intricate ones with subtle colours ? When I say pattern am I meaning "wallpaper" pattern, something that repeats over and over or am I meaning simply any decoration of a surface ? I need to work out what style and elements of patterns are the things that make me go "Oooo".

Pattern by Amanda Dilworth, Website

So, my first stop is Bowie Style's book "Print & Pattern". (Which immediately gets a big "oooo" !!) The book is a collection of wonderful surface pattern designs from some amazing artists and just flicking thorough it Im already excited about this project. (All the images in this post are by artists whose work are in the book whose work I admire) I have already some seedling ideas what I like and what sort of work I want to produce so look out, there may be some tentative shoots of patterns sprouting round here soon...


Pretty Things said...

I see lots of wonderful jewelry color ideas in those patterns!

Dazed Designs Jewellery said...

Love the patterns above! I can defiantly see how you would be inspired! Must check back to see how you get on! :)

ReadingByLearning said...

My sis really goes off about surface patterns when she is in the crafty mode. Forgive my ignorance, but what do u mean by uni?

Becky said...

thanks everyone for your comments :o)

Apologies, for not being clear, uni = university.

Cris said...

I enjoy surface design too - mostly to draw inspiration of color and layout.