Friday, 1 April 2011

No, I have not vanished

off the end of the world never to be seen again !!

Sorry for my absence, I am having one of those argh-how-many-things-can-one-person-realistically-do-at-once times. The UK Flame Off is rapidly approaching with just one week to go and as usual Im sharing a stand with Sarah of Flame Force Five and Sabine of Little Castle Designs so Im busy busy busy making things to put on it !!

As well as the transfers, this year im going to be selling tool rolls for lampwork tools. I have really enjoyed working these out, having decided ages ago I wanted one for my tools for when I take them to classes and visiting friends, I have made a couple of changes to the initial design and I'm now really happy with it. The making has turned into a family affair as my mum has also been making them up for me to my design and I'm really excited about being able to offer them.

I also have work in the auction that the collective are holding to raise money for Japan following the earthquake and tsunami. I have a set of beads included and there are some gorgeous pieces on offer not just beads but textiles and jewellery too from amazing artists from around the world, including the pieces shown below by Lush Lampwork, Hattie Rae, Izzy of Flame and Glass, Joy Funnell, Lisa Pidgeon, C-Urchin, Jo of Daisychain Designs, Moogin Beads, and Mich Yasue as well as many more.

This weeks to-do list has also included beads for the website (I'm on it ladies, I promise), a couple of gallery orders and some tests for a new idea I have so I hope you will forgive me my lack of recent communications.

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