Thursday, 21 April 2011

Spring Sunshine

It is gorgeous weather round here at the moment, we have been making the very most of it having dinner in the garden and even having the odd BBQ. Its been a great excuse to get the fire pit out as the evening cools off. I love fire, no shock there then from a lampworker, but I can sit and watch the flames for ages, and it appears, I take LOTS of photos of it !!!

It has been a great time for taking pictures in the garden at the moment, I am still hipstamatic obsessed and as my apple tree is in full blossom, giving me hope for more than two apples this year (it is only a baby tree!!) I have been taking photos of the blossom from bud to bloom.

Work ? Oh yes, Im working too, a little fragmentedly admittably having had the flame off and then been "up north' for a few days, but Im setting back into my routine now just in time for it to be disrupted with bank holidays. I have lots of ideas for new framed work that im gathering the components for and I have ideas for new beads too so I'll share those with you in due course. 

Fingers crossed for some gorgeous weather for the bank holiday weekends, I hope you have a great time whatever you do.

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Pretty Things said...

I love that outdoor fireplace!