Thursday, 28 April 2011

Polymer Clay

If you remember as part of the Bead Soup Swap, my lovely partner Niky sent me some sculpey polymer clay to play with. Well I finally got it out and had a go. The clay is lovely to work with, but it has to be said that my first attempts were.... less than attractive !! However I thoroughly enjoyed making them.

I decided some research was in order, a short web search took me to the wonderful Polymer Clay Daily blog with its gorgeous eye candy, resulting in total inspiration, in fact probably over inspiration as I want to try everything ! I fell completely in love with Carol Simmons amazing kaleidoscope canes, bewitched as usual by details. So i decided that kaleidoscope canes seemed like a good place to start. So I found a tutorial and set off ..

Just really simple canes put together to form a rough triangle, then worked into a better triangle, then reduced into a cane.

Then made into 3 little kaleidoscope patterns, one for each point of the triangle.

Now I just have to work out something to do with them !! 


Nic :) said...

I am VERY impressed!
I love the cane, and it's adaptaility to make such different patterns onto beads.
A beautiful kaleidescope!


Becky said...

Thanks Nic :))

SilverNikNats said...

Wow they are fantastic! Love the colors, and thanks for the links to the polymer clay daily and wow at Carol Simmons stuffs! I want one of those eggs!

Becky said...

Thank YOU Niky for getting me started in the first place :)))