Sunday, 2 November 2008

These are the latest designs of mine in this range of beads. I am finding these quite fasinating as a range in the way the keep evolving, in some ways these newest ones are also a link to some of my previous designs of beads as part of my ongoing love of silvered ivory.

These beads have been designed but only to an extent, there has been something organic in their development from the original design back in september through to where they are now and I am really enjoying this process. Its a process that comes out of the way that i work, I rarely make more than a handful of any particular design as I get bored very quickly and also because there is always that thought of ... what if i do this to it ..


Gemheaven said...

Love it love it love it ♥

Ali P said...

It's really cool to watch your design ideas evolve - this latest version is gorgeous, I love the organic look you have got in the background - I'm going to have to stop by your store as soon as I have some pennies spare ;)