Saturday, 8 November 2008

Website Revamp

I have finally today put the revamped version of my website online. It has taken a little working to get there but I am happy with it now and I have put some new focal beads online too as I managed to grab some torch time yesterday (as per yesterday's post).
I am hoping the new look will put a bit more emphasis on what I make rather than all the bright design of the site so feel free to share your opinion and if you think I succeeded :o)

I also have a new Chameleon, this time one that I have made rather than a photo! Its funny I have always thought given the name of my site that I should have a picture of a chameleon on there and usually I buy a stock photo for that purpose but I decided this time that I would rather have one that I could, if I wanted, use as a logo (which I cant do under the terms of the stock photos) so this is what I came up with

I can change the colours so I can make him match whatever I like and I’m hoping he’s going to prove to be quite versatile.

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Gemheaven said...

ohhh how clever!!!