Thursday, 18 December 2008

hot things in the kiln...

I was going to say cool things in the kiln but blatantly they are not cool they are hot or I'd have got them out by now !! One of the few bad things about glass is the waiting for the kiln to cool down, lol and I reckon I have another couple of hours yet until it does ! 

I have been playing with something I dont make very much, sculptural beads. In this case following a tutorial for some fab fishes that I think are such fun that I had one of those *I need it* moments when I saw the tutorial available, and they are so much fun to make. I even did a little dance when I finished the first one and by the 3rd one was quite over excited lol. So I am totally watching the kiln waiting for it to be cool enough, hopefully I will be able to get pictures to share with you tomorrow when it is light again.

I have not yet managed to get very good pictures of the ornaments on my tree (other than a couple of new ones i made - see below) but I am working on it so those will be coming too :o) 

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