Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Yep its that time of year again, the run upto Christmas and assessment time at uni drawing close ! Only one more week after this in uni then we break for Christmas and my dissertaion starts to take up a lot of my time lol ! Currently Im spending lots of time in the hot shop trying to get as much practical work done as i possibly can as I dont want to be doing any blowing of work for assessment after next monday (athough thats not to say that a few christmas presents wont be being made lol !!).

The other reason why very little has made it onto the website is that I have a jewellery party this weekend. I am really looking forward to it and have been having lots of fun making up some new jewellery to take with me. One of the new things I have been creating is these little ear studs

They come on their own little cards (Dont you just love Moo) and Im having lots of fun coming up with designs. I think the ones above are destined to be a made to order design on my website, and then I will have some one offs available from time to time too.

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BeadyPool said...

They are fab - let me know when they are on the website - I know one mum who would love a pair for Christmas. Vx