Friday, 19 December 2008


Ok I have pictures ... these are the beads that i was soooo excited about yesterday (and i still think they are cool today !!)

They are thanks to a great tutorial from Aardvark Art Glass they are quite big beads, I was going to measure one for you but due to the fact my calipers have vanished (what is it with calipers, how do they know when to disappear???) I cant, so at a guess they are about 35mm long. They do take me a bit of a while to make the first one was a whole cd's worth of time !! And yes that is how i measure time when im out in the garage lol :))

Sooo.... what do you think ??


Saffie said...

Becky I love em!!!

Ali P said...

I agree, they are very cute - I especially like the purpley one ;)