Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Luck and Confidence

Do you believe you make your own luck ?? or are you someone who believes in fate ??

I had a sudden thought this morning, kind of a need really, to find a specific piece of, well lets call it jewellery. I wanted it quite badly so i found it (no mean feat in our house at the moment) It is a piece that my mum gave me ooooo years ago, I *think* I was in my early teens, I loved it, she said she used to wear it when she was in her teens, on a chain round her neck so I put it on a chain and wore it too. It is a fabulous piece, I have had so many conversations due to this piece, people want to look at it and ask you about it...and there is something else, it gives me confidence. I dont know why, but when I wear it Im slightly different, more confident a bit more cheeky and more inclined to stand up for myself. Least thats how I feel lol.

It is quite an unusual piece, certainly its not something I have ever see anyone else wearing although I doubt it is a one off item, it was probably mass manufactured somewhere, but oddly I have never felt the need to find out. Its a bit quirky, and definitely not girlie in the least ...

so I hear you ask, come on, spill, what is it ??

here you go, and yes, it is me wearing it (sorry !!)

No, its not loaded, although yes I can be, and yes I could imagine that being quite dangerous (Hmm told you I'd been asked about it a few times...) ....It is a fully working cap gun :o)

Why today ? Maybe just because its been a while ? Maybe I have missed it ? Maybe because Im setting up my work for final assessment at uni today,...but maybe just because.

a close up for you, bit better without me in it ..

So do you have a special piece of jewellery, or clothing that gives you a bit of extra confidence ? A pair of lucky socks ? An heirloom gift that makes you feel special ? Id love to hear your stories or see a picture if you would like to share


mail said...

Love it! My favourite piece of jewellery is much more 'classic' - when my grandfather got engaged to my grandmother, it was WW2, and so many young men got engaged to their sweethearts before going to war, there simply were no engagement rings to be had. So my grandmother got an 'engagement necklace' - it's quite a small aquamarine pendant, set in gold, in fact, somebody I showed it to suspected that is was in fact a pair of earrings that had been split (presumably to create two 'engagement necklaces'). My mother was given it when she was 14, I was given it when I was 14. I wear it very rarely (the gold chain is incredibly fine!!), but it is the piece I would rescue from the burning house :-)
Sabine x

Mary said...

What a lovely story that is Sabine!

Becky, you make that piece! I like the photo with you wearing it. You've got "the look"!

As for me, jewellery does not figure much, it's clothes and shoes. You would not believe it looking at my jewellery (colourful and sparkly) but I'm a minimalist at heart! I love black. So black jeans and cashmere poloneck jumper and nice pointy boots (flat) and I feel on top of the world. Sadly lately I've put on a lot of weight and I can't wear my usual clothes. Consequently, my confidence has taken a major dive. I just remembered what piece of jewellery I DO like to wear a lot: cuffs!

Keiara Wells said...

Becky, that's excellent!!! I love the picture of you :) I always feel more confident when I wear one of my tree focals that's strung on Diane's gorgeous ribbons.. or combat boots!! ;) xox