Monday, 25 May 2009

Sale at Chameleon Designs

Yep, that right Im having a sale, 3 for 2 on all mini sets and free postage !!

It was going to be having a big sale all over the bank holiday weekend but unfortunately we have been having problems with our internet connection which meant we were without all saturday and it is only just properly sorted so now its a mini set sale !

Thanks to everyone who has commented or sent best wishes about my uni work and assessments. Im sorry I havent put the promised picture of the final thing online but ..I havent got one !!! I spent a whole afternoon trying to get a shot I was happy with and failed, miserably !! My scaled up set up for window sil photography worked quite well for close up shots but trying to get a "whole thing" shot was really difficult and I didnt end up with a single one I was happy with. I will have another go when I bring the pieces home after the degree show. In the meantime I have some of the close up shots to share with you

this is a close up of two of the pieces that are in conversation -

and this is a close up of a piece and its reflection -

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