Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Work in progress

I *think* im getting there ! I have had a few issues, glass chipping off from places I would really rather it didnt and other helpful things but I thought you might enjoy some pictures of the work going on.

Pumice, yep my grubby paws there on the first stage of polishing the glass with Pumice, delightful stuff, smells like sweaty socks. As you can imagine I'm a delight to be near by evening time lol, phew-ey !!

Can you spot the odd one out ?? One of these has got all the way up to its preliminary polish, I think it looks so much better that I thought i'd take a pic of it next to the others but can you spot which it is ??

Mucky Pup !!! Excuse the slightly vertiginous (is that a word ??) angle of the pic, these are my, rather dirty, legs !! The pink stuff is Cerium and what we use for the final stages of polishing the glass and I seem to have the knack of getting covered in it despite having to wear a plastic apron, at times I think more goes on me than the glass...... (and no, those are not shoes I would wear in the workshops, wellies are reserved for that at the moment :o) )

Back soon with more pics !

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Keiara Wells said...

You already know how amazing I think you are, Becky.. but these are BEYOND amazing!! I'm in love! :) xox