Saturday, 20 November 2010

Craft Fair

I have spent a lovely day today doing a craft fair and sharing a table with my friend Sarah of Flame Force Five. It was great to meet people, renew old friendships and make new ones. I know I have been a little quiet recently so I though I would share some of the new pieces I took with me.

I was really pleased with this necklace, it is quite delicate looking but has a really nice weight to it and a subtle sparkle.

This one I originally made for me (now there is a surprise seeing how much grey it is...) It's of a moody, dark and gothic feel with the lavender and grey and I call it my twighlight necklace as it makes me think of the vampire books !! 

And this one is the opposite, I didnt originally make it for me but have had the beads for a while faffing them into different arrangements and I have totally fallen in love with them, so this one went to be sold but came home with me ! 

The beads are made with Bullseye glass (unusually for me) which does have the most amazing Dichro, much more sparkly than the standard Effetre stuff, and I cased it with Bullseye's colour shifting Rhubarb glass which goes from a deep pink to a gorgeous green !! The doodles are silver paint I drew onto the beads and fired on. 

Now, I think its time to put my feet up with a nice cup of tea (and fondle my new necklace....).

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