Sunday, 21 November 2010

Handmade Christmas - Tree Decorations

I love decorating my Christmas tree, its something I look forward to every Christmas and I love collecting new decorations. All the garden centres locally seem to have put their stocks of Christmas decorations out now to tempt me so I have been investigating the handmade alternatives.

This beautiful blown glass ornament is by Cane River Glass on Etsy, I love the colours in this, it would look so fab on my tree...

Lace Snowflake ornament by Embroidery Impressions on Etsy. So delicate and so pretty !! 

Delightful turned wood ornament by Holz fur Haus on Etsy, isnt this gorgeous ??  The contrasting colours of the wood work so nicely and the shape is lovely.

Porcelain Snowflake ornament by D Hergt Designs on Etsy. I think it is the delicate use of colour in this that draws me to it, a lot of the other ones I saw had the texture or a colour but I love the way this has both working together.

I found it quite interesting that as I was looking around online for handmade decorations, I was struggling to find them with the search words I expected. As you can see Etsy did eventually come up with some delights but I was surprised at how little I could find in general. What words would you choose if you were looking for tree decorations ?? And please, if you have any you have found that you love do share a link.

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n4princessbead said...

Lovely stuff, Becky, thank you for sharing all this! :)