Sunday, 7 November 2010

Handmade Christmas - Cards

For the run upto Christmas I thought I would do a weekly post on handmade Christmas things. Im hoping to buy handmade (or swap, trade or make my own) as much as possible this year and thought it wold be fun to share what Im looking at and maybe inspire you with some ideas too (and do feel free to share links to things you like too !)

As Im trying to be more organised this year (aka, not do everything on the 24th December), I have started looking at cards and these are some of my favorites. Im feeling all excited by typography at the moment and these cards are hitting that spot.

From The Green Gables these cute all colourful cards.

From Storeyshop on Folksy,  handcut and personalised cards.

From Typoretum, bright and cheerful this one is antique wooden type printed.

From RockPaperInk on Etsy, lovely Letterpress design.

If you are feeling all inspired but like to design your own you can always upload your own desing and get them printed with MOO. Hmmm.. now how much time was there before Christmas ..


eve said...

I have also decides to buy mostly handmade pieces this year for gifts for the family, except the kids as they want netbooks each, but i think we should all buy something handmade,x

n4princessbead said...

Great idea! Last year I made some cards with photos of Christmas beads; I think I should make some more!

Becky said...

Nelli, christmas beads sound lovely for cards, what a great idea !

Eve, I agree, Im hoping to make presents for some people, in a make them something unique they would like kinda of way, not a give them some random thing I made way (as you hear the sound of my family breathing a sigh of relief lol). And hoping to buy handmade for most of the others and support other artists :o)

Susan said...

I like the red cut out heart! Last year I used store bought cards but decorated the inside with holiday stickers that held a family photo, and inserted, what I was told was "annoying" confetti within the envelope. Perhaps I should take a leap and make my own cards (at least for a handful of people on our list anyway).