Saturday, 23 January 2010

Claudia Trimbur Pagel Class beads

My class beads have arrived home !! They arrived in the post this morning, it was very exciting opening the parcel to see if the lived upto my memory of them. The class was great fun and we covered quite a number of things considering it was a one day class. We started off by having a go at applying gold and silver patterns to beads -

I went with basic patterns to keep things simple although I did keep thinking "oooh I could just add a bit more there...." Its quite addictive !!

This bead was originally a mid transparent blue but it has struck to a smokey grey in the kiln -

the nice thing about it being transparent too is the pattern on the other side shows through

Then we moved on to making some murrini which was a little nerve wracking as I had never made murrini quite that large before, and I did manage to bust mine part way through but I learnt so much in doing it and Im looking forward to making some more of my own design.

and we followed that up with making a bead to use the murrini on

All in all it was a great day, very very inspiring and left me with loads of ideas i want to try, now all i need to do is find some time !


Mary said...

Oh Becky! I'm in love with that grey transparent one!

Becky said...

Thanks Mary :o) Im really looking forward to getting some of the equipment to make some more of these

Mel P said...

I totally agree Becky they are stunning and the transparent one is amazing xx

Mel P said...

Hi Lovely I have nominated you for a Sunshine award xx

Jean said...

The black bead is absolutely stunning !!

I have nominated you for an award - you have to check in here to get it. I hope you like it !!